Run your business from anywhere with Quantum VOIP.

Now more than ever, small and medium sized businesses need remote and virtual offices to replace of work side by side with brick and mortar offices. We’re here to help. Save 20% to 50% over the big Telco’s and never miss a call.

We customize your workflow to fit your business needs for a fraction of what the big companies charge. From a Virtual Receptionist that can be customized to provide essential information to callers to Ring Groups that make sure every call is answered, Quantum VOIP helps run your business more efficiently.


Why Choose Us!


Compared to the setup costs of traditional landline phones, cloud-based office phone systems are much more cost-effective. There’s no need for a professional installation or on site IT personnel (our system is DIY), and there is no contract.


Cloud-based technology also enables businesses to add extensions for new employees digitally as their company grows. For small and medium sized businesses, this is particularly beneficial because they don’t have to pay for an intrusive, expensive installation process.

Mobile Phone Enabled

With the rise of remote workers, traveling workers, and widespread smartphone use in general, mobility features are a huge selling point for Quantum VOIP systems.

Easy Setup

Cloud-based business phone systems often have a do-it-yourself setup. Usually all you need is a high-speed internet connection, whatever hardware you are using, whether it’s a traditional business VoIP phone or smartphone.

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Setup is super simple.

We know you’re busy and every minute counts in this challenging economy, so we make it easy to get started. Quantum VOIP takes pride in getting you up and running in less than 48 hours after a consultative conversation where we determine your workflows, numbers and needs. You can keep your own number, or we can get you an new one, local or toll free, and set up your call routes across North America, your virtual receptionist, and 50 plus other features.

Our hardware partners have the latest in VOIP technology should you need to purchase new phones or we can set up forwarding to mobile phones or softphones (laptop, desktop and tablets) should it fit your business model.